Theater and Presentation Systems
Does the thought of bringing theater or interactive presentations to your home or office seem impossible or too expensive? Do you like the idea of moving from room to room and having your favorite music, movie or television show? All this is possible for any budget.

Connected Home Solutions has partnered with several entertainment equipment manufacturers to bring you the latest in theater and presentation systems. These systems will meet your current needs while providing the foundation that can grow with your budget. Our systems range from audio throughout your home or office…to theater-in-a-box…to a dedicated media room…to a fully furnished and customized theater or presentation room. Imagine that…your very own theater or presentation system for your family or customers to enjoy presentations, movies and sports in the home, in the office or even outside by the patio or pool.
Our Quality Control Program is tightly integrated into our development process and ensures that our customers are 100% satisfied with the following products and services:
• All structure pre-wire cabling, jacks, cosmetic faceplates and patch panels as necessary – including CAT-5, RJ-11, coax, speaker, security wire, and PVC piping.
• To simplify ongoing maintenance, installation of cabling to a central location (hub) that is wall mounted, and easy to access. Includes certification and complete documentation of cabling.
• Design and implementation of whole home and office audio and video solutions.
• Customized theater and office presentation rooms equipped with projection system, ambience lighting, and wall mounted TVs, VCRs, and DVDs.
• Installation and configuration of all audio and video equipment – “theater-in-a-box” systems, wide screen TVs, DVD and CD players, digital satellite dishes, surround sound receivers, and amplifiers.
• Installation of all speakers and volume controls – wall or ceiling mounted, flush mounted, free standing, decorative, and wireless – for indoor or outdoor use.
• Installation and configuration of LCD touch screens, volume controls, custom remotes, and intelligent keypads.
• Complete integration with existing home and office automation equipment.
• Customer training necessary for ongoing use and custom configuration.
• Long-term performance warranties to protect your purchases.