Home and Office Networking

Would you like to share your internet connection at home or at the office? Does the sound of sharing your favorite MP3 file or calendar with another PC in the same home or office bring music to your ears? Would you like to watch the game and surf the internet at the same time? All of these things and more are possible through the expertise that you can find at Connected Home Solutions. Even as difficult it might sound, computer networking can be possible for any home or office.

Our Quality Control Program is tightly integrated into our development process and ensures that our customers are 100% satisfied with the following products and services:

All structure pre-wire - cabling, jacks, cosmetic faceplates and patch panels including CAT-5e, RJ-11, coax, speaker, security, and PVC piping.
To simplify ongoing maintenance, installation of cabling to a central location (hub) that is wall mounted, and easy to access. Includes certification and complete documentation of cabling.
Installation of desktop and laptop PCs equipped with various types of accessories PDAs, monitors (flat screen, tube, or LCD), modems, and wireless keyboard and mouse.
Installation of dedicated or network printers laser, inkjet, and fax/copier/scanner/printer all-in-one units.
Installation of servers used for file sharing, email, and web applications including routers, firewalls, LAN switches, and backup tape and UPS devices.
Installation of various types of software office automation (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations), calendar and contact management, Internet, email, and virus protection.
Installation and configuration of Internet connections broadband (cable, DSL), dial-up or dedicated T-1 connections.
Complete integration with existing home and office automation equipment.
Customer training necessary for ongoing use and custom configuration.
Long-term performance warranties to protect your purchases.