About Us
The objective of the company is to provide customized home automation solutions to homeowners. These services include solutions for home computer networking, theater systems, whole home audio, security systems, and central vacuum systems. CHS builds systems that are fully integrated, modular in design, comprehensive, and that utilize leading-edge technology. Our number one priority is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This is accomplished by focusing on the quality of the products and services that we provide to all of our customers and business partners.
Over the past few years, homeowners of various income levels have dreamed of building “high tech” homes. Each homeowner has a different definition of what high tech means. Connected Home Solutions has embarked on a journey to provide homeowners with the services and products necessary to build the high tech home of their dreams. The common misconception is that having a high tech home is reserved for very wealthy people. We believe that any homeowner can afford our services and products. Furthermore, we define high tech homes as having complete automation solutions within the home. Connected Home Solutions has designed a number of products and services that will meet all of our customers home automation needs.
Connected Home Solutions offers our customers a very structured, easy-to-follow process that will meet their highest expectations. We follow a very defined methodology that ensures each customer will be 100% satisfied with their home automation solution. By ensuring each step of the process has multiple quality checkpoints, our customers will undoubtedly enjoy only the highest quality. Our services and products are also modular in nature. By designing and developing a system that is modular, our customers will enjoy an end product that will grow with their future needs. In cases where customers feel that some of our services are out of their reach in the near term, but will be within their reach over their long term, CHS will work with the customer to ensure that the appropriate cabling infrastructure is in place during the pre-wire phase of building their new home. This will enable the customer to add components to their home automation system for many years to come.